What we do


What we do?

We bring you closer to your target audience in a cost-effective way!



We love the basics as this is where advertising started, with just a simple poster. What we did was to elevate that ‘poster’ to a personalised, non-invasive yet intriguing level of branding.  Guerilla tactics are pure art and they need perfect timing, location and a witty way of reaching your target audience. That is what Gmob is all about +.


We are quick on our feet and we can do pretty much anything from Web Design, SEO, to managing your Web analytics, we will even help you with your social media.


Why us?

What is different about us is that our approach is known for being the most targeted marketing technique of them all. We combine different guerilla methods like stealth, sensation or content marketing to grab your audience’s attention and we wrap up using the power of buzz and viral marketing, giving you a complete marketing package.

In an inspiring yet challenging and creative way, Gmob provides a full marketing campaign:

  • Low-cost solutions
  • A campaign suited to your brand
  • An engaging and Buzz-worthy blend
  • A truly audience-targeted campaign
  • A whole team of creatives in different fields working together to find the best solution for your brand.

Get a quote or contact us for more details:

e-mail: info@gmob.dk

mobile: +45 29271177