Showcase: Hummel Playstadil roadtour 2010

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The goal: To spread the message of the concept from Hummel and show off a new clothesline in 19 different locations in Europe.

The tools: competition and branding, where marketingtools such as “direct pull marketing”and “experience and relationship marketing” is used visually at a location, where the consumer is located. Usually in front of Hummel shops or related franchise units. All of this was set in place in selected areas where the brand Hummel was not yet fully recognised. A Competition called “eat-my-shoe Laces where 1 or more consumers tried to beat the best time of day (by eating a liquorice string from a pair of hummel shoes as fast as possible)

This attracted a broad spectrum of audiences. The effects of a social gathering, where everyone could participate no matter affiliation and position, or physical appearance or attributes, resulted in a free approach to the campaign. In addition, Gmob drew attention to the competition whit a DJ, disclosure of a personal photo at the end, Toghether with a very direct personal approach facing people on the street, depending on the local setting, we also delivered videodocs and provided a link to online social media. The experience was thus perpetuated towards a new audience and competition participants got invites for facebook (& German meinvz) so that a wide range of the intended target group, could go in and share their involvement with all of their friends and be added as a friend of Hummel.

Conclusion: A broad general audience of all ages got the impression of what the concept consisted of. With involvement of social media, they were also directly included in an experience and got an immediate impression of Hummel. No doubt that all exponents who saw or participated went home with a feeling of having participated in a unique and inspiring competition, closer to a concept and a brand they did not know too well already. In total, we estimate that about 10,000 consumers have been touched in over 5 different countries and here there was far different audiences of all ages, who all got a different and fun experience to take home and further create a buzz and in the true spirit of storytelling generate knowledge and brand recognition of Hummel on a larger scale than before.

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