Showcase: at the foodfair

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In 2014 we have designed a promotion concept for the guys from As a company they operate in a niche product area selling and importing different chilli and other exotic sauces, mainly from the states.
Wanting to get their brand exposed to a wider consumergroup they selected GMOB to deliver a solution and advice for broadening their focusgroup.
This included;

Getting their brand in at suitable restaurants locally, to be able to give their new costumers references and associate with a possible target-groups main food-interest. Social-media strategies for Facebook,Twitter and advice for delvering direct marketing strategies aimed at focusing their SEO strategy for the right restaurants and other clientele, willing to take their niche and specialized products to the shelves and prensenting it to the restaurants costumers daily.

Gmob in collaboration with’s main marketing director, found a foodfestival  at Aarhus Festuge and delivered help in designing the stand and giving a hand on what would turn out to be a very busy day handing out product samples and selling more than 500 units in 3 days.

The result and effective campaign strategy for getting a niche product presented in the right way and to the right public target group is obvious in the pictures below;