Showcase: Guerilla Marketing events for Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur

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Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur contacted us after searching for a Guerilla marketing provider in Northern Europe. They wanted a creative intelligent solution for a dental fair in Copenhagen, called Scandefa where dentists, manufacturers and researchers exhibits annually.

Looking at the material in hand, The Hoffmann logo depicting the founder Dr. Otto Hoffmann, their products and their target groups at the fair, we carried on designing a solution and concept that would attract attention, headturning and be well connected to the originality of their ideals.

The solution:
We ended up with a concept that focused on the character of Dr. Otto Hoffmann and his original flawless 1890’s style and especialy his unique beard. The idea was to let an actor dressed as the old founding fatherfigure and logo brand of Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur move around at the Scandefa dental fair, interacting with exhibitioners and the public visitors, handing out beards with information on Hoffmann guiding them to the booth where the presentation of the companys products took place. The first idea was to hand out bottles with beard places on the bottlecap, thus giving the image of having a beard when drinking from these waterbottles. But due to restrictions in sampling and materials allowed to give away for free, from the organisers at Scandefa, we quickly adapted a new solution with “masquerade sticks” so that it ended up being a beard on a stick.

There was a lot of headturning and interaction around the booth and the “masquerade beards” ended up being a funny gimmick and comic relief in a otherwise very normal fair with roll ups and posters, flyers and non-original sampling dominating. It qucikly spread around the fair based in the huge venue of Bella Center that Hoffmann was in town and something exciting was going on at their booth. The beards were seen far and wide and people took them home and had their pictures taken along with the “real” Dr. Otto Hoffmann, giving the costumer a lot of new networking oppotunity, new possibilities and branding in a way that had the originality of their ideals and something that their target group could understand and connect to.
In addition to this we made sure that their social profile at the Dr. @ facebook and Hoffmann International,  twitter, youtube and linkedin were updated and we have continued to work with this concept for Hoffmann international until start of 2013.

So far we have carried out the above described as an event in up to 10 different dental fairs and locations around Europe, including Hamburg, Frankfurt, London, Gothenburg and Stockholm, to name a few.

We have furthermore developed the project to include a lead generation utillity. This came in the form of an ipad where costumers and visitors to the booth at the fairs, could enter a contest and get a link to the pictures taken, if providing an email address and at the same time keeping in touch with news and updates on products from Hoffmann International.

The result: provided Hoffmann with a solution that expanded their costumerbase exponentially, gave them a boost of visitors by 42% at their social profiles with 120% increase in likes and a huge increase in traffic to their main product website. On top of this Hofmann International got 500 + subscriptions to their newsletter through our “Lead-Generator” concept.

You can see the promovideo from Hoffmann here at their youtube channel: