We do not operate on a hourly basis with a high price that is “the market standard”, where it would be incomprehensible if we were actually working full time on your project.
Instead, we always aim to give you a specific and set price, that is cost-effective, compared to the market-standard.
And we can guarantee it measures up to the professional quality that is always up to and above our colleagues!

To give you an idea of our pricerange we have the following approximates:

Pricepackage 1:
Concept development of a guerilla minded strategy for your company/brand or product:
From 5000,- DKK

Pricepackage 2:
As 1, with integration for social media profiles + setup of landingpage and newsletters:
From 12500,- DKK

Pricepackage 3:
As 1 & 2, with execution from GMOB represenatatives in 1 event or promotion deal:
From 25000,- DKK

All prices can be quoted in Euro and are ex. Danish Vat. (25%).

For more information on the specifics of each package, please give us a call: +45 29271177