We redesigned this webpage, giving it a clean and simple look, and also making it SEO-friendly.
This project was mainly consulting on their brand and conference setup. GMOB has provided Trifork, the main company behind one of the leading developer conferences in the world, with a new way to promote their Goto-Conferences. This was in part a question of finding new ways of reaching out to new target groups using different social media platforms and trying out new creative presentation ideas at the conference. Among other ideas, we helped introduce an interactive solution for getting the conference participants in touch with each other, by using personal tags and pre-formatted business cards to present to other participants that shared the same or a relevant development platform. In this way the participants could easily recognize who were in the same line of work and had similar interests at the conference. The ideas and project setup was delivered to Trifork as a package, where they were responsible for carrying out the suggested promotion and integration of interactive presentations themselves. GOTO CON
The local department in Faaborg-Midtfyn, of the political party Konservative, needed a new branding profile and website setup for the domain kifm.dk. We helped them build and design a new and improved logo and informational website. Complete with blogging functionalities inside a customized template (using WordPress) including new branded graphics, social media linkage and other functions. www.kifm.dk In addition to this we also designed and developed a new promotional campaign concept that was used in the 2012 and some later local elections on Fyn, in and around the picturesque town of Faaborg: The campaign included use of non-invasive promotional strategies, as small stickers were used in strategical spots around town just before the elections. Also new flyers with informations that were targeted specific demographics and last but not least, we designed a very intuitive and simple cart, complete with a Konservative approved election poster and costumized coffee dispenser and cooler. A lot of coffee and flyers were handed out as to improve their election chances. As with all “guerilla” type or inspired campaigns, the results could not be given completely in any numbers, but it did add a lot of additional attention to the specific candidate we were chosen to work with.
A promotion event was created for Alice Kostumeland. Simple in its execution on a date where we knew that a lot of possible costumers were present. The annual “festuge” or week of celebrations in Aarhus, Denmark. Business cards and flyers were handed out to connect the event with the possibility of gaining new leads towards the costume shop.
Gmob.dk created and designed the personal site of Peter Eduard, so that it had the best connection with his other sites Edutechlab.dk and f3d.dk and so that SEO for all sites were established to have the best effect towards visitors interested in his solutions.
We provided a solution where the 3D printing devices and accessories on this product page, was promoted and SEO analyzed to give the best possible attention. A setup for further development with implementation of a webshop and live feeds from product fairs can be rolled out on an implemented vlog.
Hummel guerilla campaign in Europe
Showcase for IDNA Guerilla project
Showcase for StartIT event at Fidels
Guerilla Marketing Event for Hoffmann International
Promotion events for Hotsauce-import.dk at a big food fair