Big effect on a small budget – Seriously?

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There are endless examples of small companies being put on the map through a smart marketing idea. Although you might know that it is possible to do great marketing on a low budget, there are many small businesses out there that don’t invest in marketing because..well many people still don’t believe in it, but also because a lot of people think that it is too expensive and that they can’t compete with the big brands on this one.

This little post is for the latter. Those of you who don’t want to spend much on marketing, you actually don’t have to. We have access to so many resources today, there are endless opportunities to make yourself known. You don’t need to buy advertisement space, you can just transform everyday things into promotional mediums.

Now let’s take trash bags for example, what would you use those for? taking out the garbage, covering the floors when painting, covering the windows when the light is too bright or just use them to promote a lingerie brand. Some creative minds can turn anything into art and that is what the agency Glow did with some simple trash bags.

A few trash bags around the city and a smart video, it doesn’t take much to get amazing results in marketing. I bet most people don’t think of a lingerie promotional tool when they take out the trash, but yes anything can be used in unconventional ways.

All of you who don’t believe that marketing is something you can afford, just remember how trash bags have been turned into a marketing success for a lingerie brand.