Guerilla marketing, what?

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Have you noticed that we used only one ‘r’ in guerilla? There is a very good reason for that. Guerrilla marketing started off as this unconventional way of doing marketing. It opened up a new world, where opportunities were endless. Marketers started promoting their brands outside TV and print media, something that is part of […]

Christian Faller

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Christian has a BA degree from Germany in Advertising and Communications with a focus on consumer psychology and new media. He also studied in France, worked in Singapore and is currently living in the U.S. where he’s learning about the tech startup industry. Christian is a full-time digital strategist and online marketer who specializes in […]

Jonas Syversen Kring

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Jonas currently studies Leisure Management in Roskilde. While studying, he founded the non-profit organisation Drinks for Trees. Through this organisation he has managed his own organic cocktail bar at Roskilde Festival for to years, generating a profit for a reserve in the Amazon rainforest. Through Drinks for Trees, he has further hosted charity events and […]

Simon Primdahl Jakobsen

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Simon is the document writer. Organising and producing contracts, offers, law issues and checking up on copyright infringements, Simon provides essential support in the development phase of an idea or project campaign. giving valuable assistance and guidance, so that everything is done correctly according to the law of advertising and marketing. Simon is […]

Johan Damgaard

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Johan is also in the process of finishing his masters degree in Business Communication at Aarhus Business School. He is the owner and main force behind which is a site about new movements in advertising and static guerilla marketing and street art. Johan is very productive and has a flair for making excellent presentations […]

Adrian Matthew Fey

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Adrian has a BA in English and communication and is in the process of finishing a masters in business communication at Aarhus School of Business. He is also a part of planning and developing cultural events and concerts in Aarhus especially towards the electronic and DJ set scene. Adrian is a very creative and […]

Diana Voicu

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Diana is a marketing communications specialist who has finished her studies at CBS with a Masters in Marketing communications management. Diana is an extremely driven and talented girl with a lot of ideas and thougths about guerilla-marketing and doing things differently, thinking out of the box. Which is something that we value immensely at our […]

Jesper Regel

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Jesper Regel is the creative leader and owner of GMOB and the chief-coordinator for the GMOB-crew. With a BA in Information Sciences and several years as a projectdesign-manager in the IT and Design industry, Jesper takes care of everyday business and controls most parts of the day to day programme with emphasis of being the […]