Det Konservative Folkeparti

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The local department in Faaborg-Midtfyn, of the political party Konservative, needed a new branding profile and website setup for the domain

We helped them build and design a new and improved logo and informational website. Complete with blogging functionalities inside a customized template (using WordPress) including new branded graphics, social media linkage and other functions.

In addition to this we also designed and developed a new promotional campaign concept that was used in the 2012 and some later local elections on Fyn, in and around the picturesque town of Faaborg:

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The campaign included use of non-invasive promotional strategies, as small stickers were used in strategical spots around town just before the elections. Also new flyers with informations that were targeted specific demographics and last but not least, we designed a very intuitive and simple cart, complete with a Konservative approved election poster and costumized coffee dispenser and cooler. A lot of coffee and flyers were handed out as to improve their election chances.

As with all “guerilla” type or inspired campaigns, the results could not be given completely in any numbers, but it did add a lot of additional attention to the specific candidate we were chosen to work with.

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