Showcase: StartIT event @ fidels

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This event for the company and our partner StartIT (StartIT is a networking community for entrepreneurs and upcoming startups in DK.) We started out with the idea of creating a different and completely “out-of-the-ordninary” experience in a crowded places on evenings where young people are having a good time and preferably a party of some kind. We got some of the ideas from the IDNA workingdesk on the street.

We ended up placing a CEO wanted sign in danish (Direktør søges) at the Fidels bar in Aarhus between 22-24 hrs a busy Friday night. The idea being that this is a not so common setting and thought provoking experience, where people are concentrated on a whole other level (having fun, drinking etc.) and that it as a out of setting normallity, would challenge the enviroment and the people occupying it and their normal pattern of behaviour. Preferably generating an interest into what this was all about and why a guy in a suit was placed here, and furthermore why is he looking for a CEO and to what,.

The result: A lot of interest from a whole new targetgroup that you would not normally think of in a survey or statistical analysis of who is interested in entrepreneurship, and of creating their own businesses. Several of the attendees got a new interest and StartIT got 100+ new potential members and 50+ facebook “likes” on just this 1 event!