Showcase: IDNA2011 Guerilla Campaign

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IDNA2011: The IDNA2011 (Denmarks biggest festival and entrepreneur event) marketing and Promotion campaign is presented by GMOB and first-mover-forum.

The original goal was to plan and develop a marketing campaign with guerillastyle elements. But this quickly turned into a full guerilla marketing campaign with many different elements where a directed guerilla marketing campaign in cooperation with the media, in magazines and papers, combined with promotion material such as flyers would be an active part of installations around Aarhus and events on certain dates leading up to the date of the IDNA2011 festival for entrepreneurs.

We started by reshaping the IDNA logo creating a 20x20cm letter size version in molded plastics with green grass, that represented the organic part of IDNA and toghether with a new style of installation art we called Little People (inspired by a street art project by slinkachu) The idea was to generate buzz and talk about the brand IDNA2011 from the logo being placed around the city with the “small people” as an “active” part of the letters or around them. We called this “small people-big dreams”. It quickly became the slogan for IDNA2011. Se below for examples:

At the same time we created a few actvities and ideas for attracting attention to the festival IDNA2011 by going out in to the city of Aarhus with a happening that included different Guerilla style events that represented the idea that you can start a company anywhere and at the same time included an unpretentiuos dialog towards starting a new company. At the same time we had the chance to introduce the 4 hosts of the festical to the public. We did this by (among other projects on Facebook and placing a normal desk representing a new entrepreneur starting a company, but by putting this out on the street it gave the idea of starting as an entrepreneur a whole new setting, something that normal everyday people on the street would pay attention to.

During this event/happening we also had the pleasure of being joined by a former X-factor partipant (supplied from our large and vast network and contacts in the music industry), Lasse from Flow & green gave the whole setting a new and pleasant atmosphere with music while we handed out flyers and provided curious bystanders and “passer-by’s” flyers and information.

After this guerilla style event we provided the development and setup/production of a large entrepreneur Cafe at the festival providing unpretentious and laid back atmosphere for the festival attenders. In addition to this we had the pleasure of getting several media placements in Børsen, JP, Aarhus Stiftstidende and was mentioned in the national broadcasting news media.

All in all this project had a budget of 1000 DKK!!

It generated a lot of attention and headturning from the logo placement and branding around the local enviroment and at the festival we were mentioned in several media for rethinking the concept of a festival stand and for introducing new ways of generating buzz about entrepreneurship.